The Manager
The Manager
Value Creation through Active Asset Management

The Manager’s strategy for organic growth is to actively manage the operational performance of the portfolio and foster strong relationships with tenants. Through such active asset management, the Manager seeks to maintain high occupancy levels and achieve stable rental growth. The Manager will also seek to improve efficiency and manage costs through various aspects of its operations.

The Manager aims to improve the performance of the properties through the following measures:

  • Improving rentals while maintaining high occupancy rates; 
  • Maintaining high tenant retention, particularly for the office portfolio;
  • Optimising the tenant mix, particularly for the retail portfolio; 
  • Rejuvenating and reconfiguring retail space;
  • Attracting new office tenants and exploring expansion needs of existing office tenants in the precincts;
  • Maximising yield through selective asset enhancement; and
  • Improving operational efficiency and managing costs.
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